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And to make the evening even tougher: I ran into Djivan's mom tonight. She was dropping some things off at the scout hut for Andy while I was outside - I was on my way to take a bottle of water to Quent in the car (he was feeling sick) and there she was. She didn't want to go in because they were doing the Halloween party. We chatted for a few minutes. She cried. She looked like she had lost weight and she was small to begin with. God, that was hard. My heart just breaks for her.
And he seemed like a YOUNG thirty, too. Just a kid, who happened to be a good programmer and found himself in grown-up jobs.
Ooooooooooooooooh. *nods knowingly*
I think I had a white one once. I don't think I purchased it. And why didn't this shit exist in college? This shit would have been so much fun!
I'll watch anything with Jason Bateman in it.
I never even saw a cockroach until college. So gross.
I think party colors are very appropriate for vibrators. Black isn't weird, although a brown one would be. It would remind me of poo. Vibrating poo.
You didn't say black. Are you racist? Or just intimidated?
So they're the vibrator equivalent of those cheap plastic flashlights that are worth less than the batteries inside them? And with that clarification I suppose that's OK. Mixing a drink would be a good way to celebrate. Although I don't think women who would go to a vibrator race would be that discriminating.
No. Fucking. Way. If it has been slithering along some track from god knows where, touched by god knows what (or who)'s not coming near my vag. It could be used to mix drinks at the Frat house. I hear those dudes aren't all that discriminating.