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It's not easy. I mean there's still plenty of material for double entendres, but I'm pretending not to notice it.
I had my brief pity party, redid the work and resubmitted it. Haven't heard back again, so that's good. Got all the taco stuff ready. Olivia's working, so she won't get dinner until late. Sean took a few minutes off from trash-talking people in the online game he's playing to tell me how good the kitchen smells. It's all good.
o_O That's what you get for doing it the wrong way.
Already old aged. And Luna, my point is I am a over guy who tried to be an under guy and couldn't get there.
That you have had a sex change and you want us to call you Doris were an under guy???? I had no idea you were such a perv, and I'm a little bit disappointed in you. Better late than never on these good life changes, though.
We are having tacos at our work summer picnic today.
Well pretty much anything hit by a semi with force is suckage.
I'ma make tacos tonight. Everybody loves that. I love cooking for people who like what I make. They're amazing. (I sound like Donald Trump.)
Yeah, Never using one of those things. The suckage is unfathomable.