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It is factual that your Sonata is sexier based on back seat activity alone.
Luna, believe me, every little bit helps! I'm familiar with Conversion Disorder. I had it once around age 9 when I flipped onto my back after a really cool bicycle trick gone wrong. I was paralyzed from the lower back down for about 15 minutes and then it went away. But now you got me thinking really hard. I certainly appreciate you telling me this. And I hope your son gets an easier time. If I were there you both would get a big hug.
i kinda like it for ass. hey baby nice sonata.
your sonata is way sexier. wait is that a euphumism for something else?
My Sonata IS pretty sexy. Way sexier than Steve's.
I had a really good one before we had to move to Hiroshima. He treated me right after my car accident. At that time he diagnosed me with CRPS-Type 2, post-concussion syndrome and neuralgia. My GP in Hiroshima said my situation was, and I quote, "no big deal." Hubbie and I were so pissed we swore off of doctors after that. But the doctors here in Seoul are supposed to be far better. We don't have health insurance yet so I can't go anytime soon. But I was just wondering if this kind of thing sounded familiar to anyone. (And I was just griping). :-P
Demonic possession seems to be the only logical explanation to me.
I think only cops can do that, which I think is maybe a little weird considering ordinary people can look up real estate owners. Then again, I don't want the masses stalking me, and I know they would because I am so FUCKING FABULOUS.
Absolutely Fabulous had some great episodes, owing largely to Patsy Stone’s character. One of my favourite scenes is where the three of them are on holiday in Morocco and when Edwina realises her prudish, moralising daughter Saffron is missing, Edwina admits to having sold her into slavery. French and Saunders was often better though, because they relied on short sketches rather than full episodes. Their parody of The Silence of the Lambs was a classic.

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