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1: Don't worry. It's Treatable
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2: Luna Ticks
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3: Blackbird Hidden
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4: Something Less Nauseating
By: Fritz The Bootlegger

5: fijufic
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6: Why, Yes My Blog IS Real.....Real Deleted!
By: DeletedMember

7: rockboy
By: Dirty Rock

8: Thanks for all the Fish
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9: LostChyld
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10: PeanutShells
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Is your sister going on the trip as well? Have a good trip! Good luck!
Was it Florida where someone threw an alligator through a Wendy's drive-through window?
Good luck!!!! You'll crush it!! Mine is tomorrow! EEK!
Sounds like a fun vaca. Have a great trip!

On Monday Misc. In the blog knifeboy
Please, after a week with the elderlies in VA Beach, you'd bang one of the robot Trump kids.
Nobody's swapped bodily fluids yet, Madame Fritz.
Show some cleavage. And use fancy words like repurpose and ingrate.
I do have a chair thrower in my class. Luckily he has yet to high-five anyone in the face with it.
I agree on the running. My step-dad ran for years, and was doing marathons for several years. What it got him was two knee replacements a few years after he stopped. He hobbles now. One of my grandfathers smoked all his life and died of bad heart complications when he was 72. The other did the same, and what killed him was that he got MERSA in the hospital while recovering from a hip replacement when he was 75. Go figure. Incidentally, my maternal grandparents family, everyone smoked heavily, grandfather and three uncles. My grandmother died of throat cancer at 82. She never smoked, but was around them all those years. Not fair.