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The largest shopping mall in the world used to be in Indonesia.
I never heard of the bear hunt thing! Sounds fun :) I hear that Gummy Bear song on my dance cardio Pandora station I listen to when I'm trying to keep the energy up.

On dancing In the blog soundecho
My Keurig has been fine for me, but if it kicks the bucket, I will probably go back to trusty ol' Mr. Coffee. A shower electrocution has got to be a really bad time, I imagine.
The pod coffee makers make the shittiest coffee I've ever had.

On Friday night In the blog Luna Ticks
Thanks, man.

On Okay In the blog Matt will fix it
Neuro issues, especially tricky ones that are hard to treat/control, suck rotten donkey balls.
I had a history teacher in HS that had facial tics. I remember getting into an argument with my (than)best friend about how I thought he had either Tourette's or Parkinson's because of this and she kept insisting that Tourette's was only when people would blurt out stupid/rude stuff. To this day she's still convinced that and thinks it would be "awesome" to have... she's credulously closed minded and I try hard not to associate with her anymore.
It does exactly that. The dude was an asshole and he didn't have to be. She was not a danger to anyone. He wasn't going to get reamed by a super for not arresting her over a bad check warrant from a squillion years ago. He was just showing his feathers and making someone cry for no good reason.

On Okay In the blog Matt will fix it